A heritage series for RTÉ Radio 1


Presented by: Manchán Magan

Produced by: Colette Kinsella of Red Hare Media


August 2017


Manchán's A to Z of Ireland unearths unearth outlandish, unusual or unique aspects to Ireland’s Natural Heritage, from birdsongs to the battles of bats, from howling wolves to housing sea snails. We savour the taste of heath flowers, heather and hazelnuts captured in vinegars and ice cream. We go burying eggs and burrowing for bears. We research drowned mothers and dark skies. We scuba-dive and stalk straw voodoo dolls. We track down zombies and disappearing lakes, and dig dirt on the denizens of soil. There’s cuckoos and curlews,  and people rolling naked in the morning dew.


Listen to 5-minute sample, below.

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A heritage & culture series for RTÉ Radio 1.


Presented by: Manchán Magan


Produced by: Colette Kinsella of RedHare Media.


Summer/Autumn 2020



The Almanac of Ireland explores the quirks, conundrums and wonders of Ireland’s heritage - everything from the role of the professional farter in early Gaelic society, to how oak trees act as oracles of arcane information, and whether Cú Chulainn may actually have been an interstellar comet.



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An adventure travel series for RTÉ Radio 1


Presented by: Manchán Magan 


Produced by Garret Daly of MixedBag Media


2007 & 2008



The Big Adventure is a series for nomads, roamers and other wide-eyed dreamers who actually think it’s  fun to abseil down cliffs in a snowstorm or hunt whales in canvas kayaks. A series for people willing to truly immerse themselves in the world around them – to sip tea with Bedouins or even, Tory Islanders. To experience life to the max, diving into it, skiing down it, clambering up it with picks and shackles in the face of a force ten gale. Each week Manchán Magan will speak to two people determind to  immerse themselves passionately in the adventure of life.


Listen to Highlights, here -  25 mins