Kennedy Centre, DC - June 2016
Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick - July 2018
Rising Sons Brewery in Cork named an ale after their word "Buinín"
A fervent linguist in Washington DC tattoeed his word to him
Lavit Gallery Cork invited artists such as Una Sealy, Cormac Boydell and Eilis O'Connell to create an artwork based on a Gaeilge Tamagotchi word
For a video of the ritual .... see here

Gaeilge Tamagotchi has been performed in many venues since the first 835 people turned up to the Project Arts Centre, Dublin, in September 2015 to foster a word. Thousands of words have been saved, thousands still await foster homes.





Leaves Festival,  Laois Shopping Centre, Nov 2018

Cork Opera House, Sept 2018

Townhall Theatre, Galway, Sept 2018

Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Aug 2018

Lime Theatre, Limerick, July 2018

Cashel Arts Festival, July 2017

Éigse Michael Hartnett, Newcastle West, March 2017

Culture Night, Tullamore Arts Centre, Sept 2016

John F Kennedy Centre, Washington DC, June 2016

Drogheda Arts Festival, May 2016

Ballina Arts Centre, March 2016

 Project Arts Centre, Dublin  Sept, 2015


The 3m-wide hanging stucture was designed by Tom de Paor, of de Paor architects, using linen from  Baird McNutt Linen, Co Armagh


For Manchán's Irish Times article on the project see here.


The Irish language has 4,400 different words merely to describe someone; to convey their character, their demeanour, their shape or stature.


They are rarely used now. Many are already dead.  Would you be willing to adopt one?


To take on a weakened, endangered term? Mind it, cherish it with your tongue. Slip it into sentences? Name a pet or loved one after it?


súghóg – stain left by tears

iarmhaireacht  – loneliness at cock-crow

dril – drop glancing in the sun

spailp – surprise kiss


Tá 4,400 focal éagsúil sa Ghaeilge le cur síos a dhéanamh ar dhuine: lena  gcarachtar, a meon, a gcruth a chur in iúl. Is annamh a úsáidtear a bhformhór acu anois. Tá cuid mhór acu básaithe cheana féin. An mbeifeá sásta ceann a uchtú?



In Gaeilge Tamagotchi Manchan invites you to adopt an Irish word. Participants wind through a labyrinth of 30m of raw Irish linen to receive an endangered Irish word from the artist, which they agree to nurture, nourish and take guardianship of. They each receive a word unique to them and are given the opportunity to print or paint their word on stone, oak-wood or linen as a ritualistic covenant.

A theatrical installation in which Manchán invites you to adopt an Irish word in order to breathe life into it.


Conceived by Manchán Magan. Designed by Tom de Paor

Gaeilge Tamagotchi

Things people have done with their adopted words