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Scoil Scairte


This course, consisting of 22+ hours of pre-recorded content, is a self-paced immersive journey into the culture, language, magic, spirit, and grammar of the Irish language. It aims to unlock the essence of An Ghaeilge, from its songs and stories, to its, occasionally complex, grammar, and alluring phonetics.


It's a language course unlike any you've encountered before, with bilingual guides, curated field notes, bonus interviews, guided rituals, and many innovative surprises taught by some of Ireland's most creative artists, writers, thinkers, and rabble rousers.


We can't promise you'll come away with perfect Irish, but we can guarantee your fluency will improve; whether you have no Irish at all, or a smattering of school Irish from long ago. Most especially, your understanding of its lore and love for its mysterious essence will be enhanced. This online, self-paced course is as much for people with no understanding of the language as it is for those who studied it at school, but have forgotten it, or have been left with  traumatic memories of bad teachers and dull texts. Over the last 3 years, we've honed the course while teaching five seperate 9-week courses that were run live online. The aim has always been to create a course that people could access in their own time and at their own pace.

We hope we've got it right. Our aim is to offer an inventive, dynamic, healing experience, that combines language lessons, interviews, cultural insights, music, and deep immersion into myriad  aspects that make An Ghaeilge so potent and alluring.

If you're curious to know more, check out The Trailblazery for details.

Scoil Scairte is an online immersion into the heart of Irish language, culture and heritage.

Produced by The Trailblazery in conjunction with Manchán Magan



"The Irish language allows for a more magical way of seeing the world. It reveals the underlying connections that our ancestors saw between all things; from fields and flowers to hawks and waves. The purpose of Scoil Scairte is to offer a lyrical reminder of Ireland’s lost words and the different ways they offer of seeing the world. In a time of disconnection and unease there is potent healing to be found in using language and lore to reconnect to the land and the nonphysical realms that are embodied within it”.

- Manchán Magan