Crainn na hÉireann (2016) 10-part series, TG4

This 10-part series reveals the secret history and agendas of our native trees from the bile (a network of sacred trees censored by the church), to shape-shifting holly trees and ancient oaks that have fed on both the bloodshed of Gaelic tribes and the Coca-Cola spilled by modern tourists.  We investigate the secret yew cathedral in Gormanstown, the Wicklow wood saved by Charlie Haughey and Van Morrison, and the grand estates that are luring Chinese and Japanese to experience trees that are extinct in their native homes. 

Tues, 5th April, 2016, 8pm for 10 weeks

Director: Luke McManus. Producer: Bríd Seoighe, Abu Media

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Television documentaries 2012-2016

Bás Arto Leary (2013) 30-min drama, TG4

A contemporary tale of love, lust, revenge and anger based loosely on of the epic 18th century poem Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire, relocated to the fueding drug gangs of modern day Galway. It stars Kelly Gough (RAW), Lochlainn O'Mearáin (The Summit), Aoife Nic Ardghail (Rasaí na Gaillimhe) and Owen McDonnell (Single-Handed, Saving the Titanic).The film won the Audience Award at the Dingle International Film Festival 2013. 

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Directed by Luke McManus. Written by Manchán Magan

Déanta in Éirinn (2012)  4-part series, Tg4

Manchán sets out on a journey around Ireland seeing can he survive using only goods and materials which have been made in this country - eating only Irish food, wearing only Irish clothes, using Irish transport and enjoying only Irish entertainment.  
Producer/director: Brian Reddin, Dearg Films

‘Cé a Chónaigh i mo Theachsa?’ (2012)  12-part series TG4
Manchán explores the hidden stories of intriguing Irish houses . Eileen Grey's house, Marie Antoinette's Dingle sanctuary, Michael Jackson's home in Westmeath, the Knight of Glin's castle....more
Director: Ruán Magan. Producer: Tile Films